About IIC University of Technology

IIC University of Technology (IIC) came into existence in 2008 through the evolution of International Institute of Cambodia, founded in 1999. IIC University is fully accredited by the Royal Government of Cambodia as specified in Sub-Decree No. 127ANK.BK. The evolution aims to create a larger and more dynamic University with capacities, capabilities and possibilities based on strategic investment. The evolution also aims to expand the student experience and career prospects with supportive services and new interdisciplinary opportunities.

The University is one of the leading private higher educational institutions in implementing the credit system in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The management and academic staff are experienced and knowledgeable, representing a variety of nationalities and backgrounds. Currently, there are some international lecturers working at the University as full time and part time. The University employs only the high-qualified academic staff with expert and professional skills. The aim is to achieve international parity in quality of teaching, education and research.


Based on the practical experiences of the International Institute of Cambodia, IIC University of Technology proudly offers undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs, with quality and practicality held firmly in mind. Currently the University operates under the following five faculties; Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Linguistics.

The university now has over 1000 students in its associate and bachelor’s degree programs, studying respectively a tow-year and four-year credit system in the field of business and management, and around 500 more in the field of Information Technology and Language, together with Master degrees in business administration offered through the university’s graduate program.

IIC University’s vision is to gain national and international standing, recognized as an educational leader in Cambodia and throughout the Southeast Asia region. The University has already gained a high student enrolment, due to the academic reputation it inherited from its predecessor, the International Institute of Cambodia. IIC was founded as an institute with special interests to promote business education, language and communication studies, and management training, especially in relation to applications of information technology and business.

Apart from its degree programs, more than 4000 participants have been trained in IT short courses. Additionally, the training workshop on Business Edge conducted at IIC University under the supervision of MPDF (a private arm of the World Bank), has been delivered to more than 200 trainees successfully.

In recognition of the growing demand for formalized business educational opportunities throughout the country, and the opportunities and benefits provided by e-Learning technologies IIC University with joint support of the Asian Foundation and USAID has established a set of innovative e-Learning business courses. These are the first in Cambodia. The courses will extend educational opportunities to students in all 24 provinces and cities countrywide. The e-Learning approach provides new opportunities for personalized learning whenever and wherever convenient.

IIC University of Technology in its effort to diversify educational opportunities and to promote educational qualifications has cooperated closely with local and international institutions. Locally, the University has collaborated with MPDF in launching Business Edge training and the Asia Foundation in eLearning courses. Internationally, the University has worked closely with Curtin University in respect of academic program and management, International Trade Institute of Singapore (ITIS), International Trade Centre (ITC).
As a result of adhering to its firm position regarding educational standards and qualifications, IIC University has gained increasing flows of students from year to year. IIC University demonstrates a reputation for relevance by offering opportunities for flexible modes of delivery linked directly to the needs of Cambodia’s commerce, industry and government sectors.

Greetings! We are happy to announce that IIC University of Technology (IIC) has achieved the international standard and now we are offering Industrial Ph.D. to satisfy the needs of the industry. With globalisation and digitalisation, the world scenario is dynamic. IIC understands the needs of the industry and the needs of the researcher. The industry needs more professionals that is able to help them to solve industrial problems. At the same time, IIC understands the dilemma faced by the researcher globally. In addition, this program breaks the traditional learning environment that focus on the development of theoretical framework.

This program helps the researchers to think strategically and critically to address the industrial problems and solving the industrial problem becomes the main focus in this program. In addition, IIC provides the flexibility of the mode of study that break the traditional education system. IIC is the FIRST and the ONLY University globally that provide this education model. In short, we are able to increase the global competitiveness by increase the productivity of the industry with this program. Now, everyone can enjoy studying and learning with us. Everyone can have a PhD Remember, “Nurturing Industrial Leader” is our philosophy in this program.

Rector's message

– Prof. Dr. Chhuon Chanthan

International Activities

IIC University not only involves in local activities especially in delivering educational services, but also engages in various international activities through Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (AFACT), the Southeast Asia Trade Policy Training Network (SEATRANET), the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning, and International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

With AFACT, the activities aim to support in the Asia Pacific region policies and activities, especially those promoted by UN/CEFACT (United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business), dedicates to stimulate, improve and promote the ability of business, trade and administrative organizations, to exchange products and relevant services effectively in a non-political environment. The organization’s principal focus is to facilitate international transactions, through the simplification and harmonization of procedures and information flows, and so contribute to the growth of global commerce.

IIC University through SEATRANET has launched training workshop on trade policy. Currently, 5 modules are being on offers. They are (1) Trade in Agriculture, (2) Trade in Services, (3) Non-Agricultural Market Access, (4) Multi-Stakeholder Consultation & Coordination in the Development of National Trade Strategy and (5) Introduction to Trade Policy and the World Trade Organization. SEATRANET is a regional network of training institutions in South-East Asia that collaborates in the effective and sustainable delivery of quality trade policy training for government officials and other stakeholders.

In addition, IIC University has joined the community of the ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning. IIC University contributes its expertise to the research base of the ASEM LL Hub. IIC supports the aim to strengthen the relationship and increase mutual understanding between educational researchers, practitioners and policy makers in Asia and Europe, in a spirit of mutual respect and equal partnership.

Finally, through IDRC, IIC University has promoted Distance Learning in Asia.