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ABS College is a leading institution in Sri Lanka. The ABS College was inaugurated for degree studies in Sri Lanka. But according to the student’s request, we followed certificate level to diploma and higher national diploma studies.

Academicals and professional studies are many important in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, we are giving the above-mentioned programs perfectly.

At ABS College, we give you enough reasons to be inclined towards us. People who have been skeptical about distance universities have also been convinced to enroll at ABS College. We have achieved this feat with the help of our accredited degree programs and experienced faculty that sets high standards for our campus.


Modern Class rooms

In a modern classroom, students are actively involved in constructing content and new ideas. They use active learning approaches, such as project-based learning and design-based learning, where students are engaged in real, relevant, and purposeful activities.

What will the classroom of tomorrow look, sound, and feel like? Developments in technology, space and pedagogy can all be acknowledged as key to the progress of the modern classroom. These evolved learning spaces will be a powerful catalyst for personalised learning, student engagement, classroom collaboration and interactive feedback. By using modern resources and platforms, the modern classroom can be adopted by all teachers.


to provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the ABS. to have a vibrant role in the development of a culture that promotes wider reading, motivated readers and learners for life.

Computer Lap

In addition to the Computer Centre of the institute which caters to specialized computational needs of the academic community, The ABS College has its own computing facilities for faculty Teachers and students of the campus.

Course levels

The courses of study here are divided into three stages. These are: Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctor degree.

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